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At RM Publishers, we boast of skilled personnel who specialise in editing, proofreading, book cover designs and book reviews for publications.


Our portfolio boasts of numerous titles in different genres ranging from non-fiction, magazines, devotionals, biographies, fiction and more.


We recently embarked on the digitisation of our titles; a journey where we have been actively involved in new age social media marketing, blogging, audiobooks, podcasting, and talk shows.


As a growing publisher, we are at the forefront of working with authors to deliver quality services that will enhance the experience of the readership community. It is therefore important to promote environments where reading is valued, promoted and actively encouraged as this goes a long way in reviving the reading culture.

Our Philosophy

RM Publishers has a strong working philosophy of belief in creativity and innovation, which are fundamental requirements for a successful company. We hold the belief that, having the appropriate people in the right environment, achieving anything and everything is possible. We consistently and progressively deliver high standards without compromising on quality.

About ALE

The Authors Literary Essentials publication is our most recent of the creatives in the Digitisation Spirit. An Essential Publication that releases to our readers, what has been captured before on paper – now advancing into complete accessibility via the Digi-world. We address building a digital footprint for the literary mind. We hope to connect with as many authors as possible with whom to network, promote and find solutions to keep the reading culture alive.
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