5 important reasons why your book needs reviews and where you can get them!

5 important reasons why your book needs reviews and where you can get them!

What is a book Review?

 A book review, simply put, is a critical evaluation of your book, that is written by someone who has read your book. Book reviews provide insight into what the book is about and this is important as readers rely on them to decide whether to buy a book or not.

 Reviews are not just about defining and describing your book, but also about providing an opinion on it; a form of feedback that readers provide to help other people make a decision about the book they are considering to buy. They can be subjective or objective and they can be positive or negative. Sales of a book can hugely be impacted by book reviews as most readers rely on reviews to make buying decisions. Low reviews can have a negative impact on sales, although this is not always the case. A few other things can impact low book sales such as:

●      The cover design

●      Genre

●      Author’s reputation

●      Titles

Book reviews are different from a testimonial, which is a personal endorsement for your book! Testimonials are different from reviews because they do not provide any opinion on the book’s subject matter.

Reviews can be positive, negative or neutral in nature. However most reviews are honest and unbiased in nature.

Key Benefits of Reviews for Authors

  1. Boost or Build your Author credibility – A well-written book review will entice a curious reader to read your book. Readers quickly get the gist of the book, themes, genre and storyline from a review and these are deciding factors that will make the reader decide whether or not to read or buy your book.
  2. Feedback from readers helps the author improve their writing – It is crucial to gather reviews before your book is published so you can get important feedback helpful in improving your book and sales trajectory. If your book has already been published you can still gather reviews to help you improve your future writing. Once you get feedback from your readers, you can be sure to make your next book into a best seller.
  3. Good reviews can lead to a positive Impact on sales and ratings for your book on different platforms such as Amazon, Good reads, online retail stores and independent bookstores.
  4. Gather reviews from different platforms to get your book in front of thousands of readers which can have a positive outcome for your book and readership.

Here’s a quick analysis into why some books get more reviews than others:

Using two books Frieda McFadden’s Locked Door amd Rob Peguero’s With Prejudice a few details come to play;

●      The cover design – colour, fonts etc

●      Genre

●      Author’s reputation – One is a New York Best seller compared to the other one

●      Title descriptions – one is more thrilling than the other

●      The marketing strategies – budgets can play a role in audience reach depending on the author-publisher relationship.

Whilst there are many places and many ways to get reviews here are some recommendations:

  1. Asking your friends, family and colleagues for a review.
  2. The Book Network – https://www.thebooknetwork.co.uk
  3. The Book Life – https://booklife.com/
  4. Book Sirens – https://booksirens.com/book-reviewer-directory/nonfiction/self-help-book-reviewers?compensation_types=2&accepting_reviews_from=2
  5. Book Review Directory – https://bookreviewdirectory.com/author/bookreviewdirectory/
  6. http://www.theindieview.com/indie-reviewers
  7. http://editing.xterraweb.com/book-reviews
  8. Goodkindles – https://www.goodkindles.net/

Starting Today, Get More Reviews for Your Book. It’s never too late to start.

About the author:

As a creative, publisher, and author, Rudo Muchoko has become a passionate supporter of publishing works. She writes, edits, and publishes books, magazines, and audiobooks with the aim to lead and mentor authors using the suggestions in her book Awakening the Power of Self Publishing: The Ultimate Guide

In this Guide you will discover:

📌 The importance of author credibility

📌The differences between traditional publishing methods and self-publishing

📌The advantages of getting book reviews

📌Establishing and maintaining meaningful publishing relationships

📌Maximising your online presence

📌Creating a successful book marketing strategy

📌Keeping your book relevant and profitable after it has been published!

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