Women’s Month: Celebrating Women who tell our stories on International Women’s Day!

Celebrating women who tell our stories

Happy International Women’s Day: an important day in the calendar of developing nations. It serves as a reminder of the progress that has been made in terms of gender equality and women’s rights, but also highlights the work still to be done. The 2020 Global Gender Gap Report shows that while there have been improvements in some areas, there is still a long way to go before true equality can be achieved.

Women authors unite! 

Since March is Women’s History Month, it is a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. We are celebrating #womenwhotellstories through our bookstore RMP Book Cafe to honour the women who have used their stories and voices to inspire, motivate and empower others. From screen writers to authors, film makers to preachers, businesswomen to activists; we have seen a surge of female-driven stories that have shaped our society and culture. 

Women authors have historically faced many barriers and challenges in getting their work recognized and published, so coming together to celebrate their achievements and showcase their unique writing and stories is a powerful statement. A celebration of women’s writing does not only highlight the diversity and richness of women’s voices in literature, but it also helps to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women writers to thrive and succeed.

In this women’s month, we are coming together to recognize the power of storytelling by showcasing and celebrating the women who tell our stories. Together, we can create an environment where everyone can be inspired by these amazing stories and be empowered with knowledge that will help women authors become successful in their respective fields.

International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th March, and it is a day to promote gender equality and advocate for women’s rights. This year’s theme, “Digital innovation and technology for gender equality,” highlights the important role that technology can play in advancing gender equality.

Author Chimnese Davids Quote

One area where technology has been particularly transformative for women is in the realm of storytelling. With the rise of social media and digital platforms, women have more opportunities than ever before to share their stories and amplify their voices. From blogging and vlogging to podcasting and social media, women are using digital tools to connect with audiences around the world and build communities of support.

One example of digital innovation and technology being used for gender equality is the #MeToo movement. Started in 2006 by activist Tarana Burke, the movement gained momentum in 2017 when women began sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault on social media using the hashtag #MeToo. The movement brought attention to the pervasive issue of sexual harassment and assault and sparked a global conversation about how to prevent it.

Author Rudo Muchoko quote

Another example is the work of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Malala used social media to share her story and advocate for girls’ education in Pakistan, where the Taliban had banned girls from attending school. Her advocacy led to international support for girls’ education and inspired millions of people around the world to join the fight for gender equality.

Author Nompilo Gumede

International Women’s Day in developing countries is an important part of this process, as it allows us to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women while also providing an opportunity to discuss further action needed to close the global gender gap. Education plays a key role in empowering women’s rights and celebrating International Women’s Day can help raise awareness about this issue. Through focusing on education and other initiatives, we can work together to ensure that women around the world are given equal opportunities to succeed.

Author Lydia Koranteng

“Imagine if women Authors came together to celebrate their unique writing and stories…that would be a wonderful celebration of women’s voices and perspectives in literature!” 

Author Apostle Florence

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the amazing achievements of women in all fields. If you hold a literary festival featuring panels and readings by women authors, a book club or reading group focused on works by women writers, or an online community where women writers can share their work and connect with one another, we would love to hear from you and connect with you. We are always on the lookout for resources to support emerging women writers and help them navigate the publishing industry.

Happy Women’s Month! 

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