Why reader magnets are essential for authors and why authors should be creating a mailing list


What are reader magnets?
Why are they essential for authors?
Why should authors create a mailing list?


A Reader magnet is anything that you can give away to your readers in exchange for them doing something you want them to do. This can be signing up to your mailing list which will attract more readers and follow you as you offer them ebooks, discount coupons, course discounts, audio files etc.


In general, a magnet attracts and connects. Imagine being offered an e-book or book chapters or rather an interesting audio file just for signing up to an author’s mailing list. This actually brings in:

Motivation for your readers – once offered something, even a discount, a reader is motivated to sign up to your mailing list. It helps sell a lot of books in a short period of time. For instance if one is offered a discount they are likely to pay for or buy the book increasing your profits, number of customers and a large variety of people following you. It attracts readers through many channels that can be on a blog, advertising, Facebook e.t.c

Build a relationship with your readers – you begin to engage and start asking questions, which can continue certain conversations. It also connects the reader and the author.


A mailing list allows one to email their fans/ readers every time they have a new release. It doesn’t mean that you will start having a lot of people on your mailing list but as you grow and progress in your business your list will also grow. ML Ronn in his 150 Self Publishing Questions Answered (1), said, ‘A mailing list is still pretty important these days. Email isn’t dead. In fact, it’s the only way to get in touch with some people.’

A Mailing List helps To:

Attract – once you have created content, nice images and words it is obvious that you will hook up your readers through many channels that can be blog, advertising, Facebook etc

Low Cost – Your message is spread because you have an audience through your email list, therefore a broader audience than social media
You will get the attention you deserve because you will have the permission of people to communicate with them. Communicating directly with the audience

Build a relationship with potential customers – the idea of being in someone’s inbox where they receive their important messages through their mail creates a strong relationship and because they keep checking their emails regularly you are noticed. The message is received way too fast since no one would ignore a platform like an email.

It keeps your readers updated about what you are planning, your releases or anything that you think your audience should know!

ML Ronn (2021) 150 Self Publishing Questions Answered. London: Alliance of Independent Authors

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